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Dear Colleagues,

The 29th EACD Conference 2017 “Steps into the future” in Amsterdam has been very successful. About 990 participants from 60 countries were involved. The atmosphere in the conference was remarkable: there was lots of interaction between participants from different backgrounds and countries. The time scheduled for the 150 posters each day was used to get into contact with fellow researchers and to discuss new research developments. These personal contacts at an international conference are important for exchanging knowledge and  building up collaboration in research and patient care.

The opening ceremony illustrated the goal of all our efforts: to improve the life of persons with a disability. Over 40 parents and persons with disability contributed to the programme.

The high level of the keynote presentations, with topics ranging from involving families in research and e-mental health interventions to genetics and muscle pathology in cerebral palsy, contributed to the success of the conference. We were very proud to have these excellent keynote speakers at the conference in Amsterdam. The opening ceremony and most of the lectures will be available as video recordings on the EACD website (www.eacd.org).

The preconference symposia, instructional courses, mini-symposia and oral sessions were on a wide variety of topics and also of high quality. We thank all presenters for their efforts.

The sponsors of the conference made it possible to have such a nice venue in Amsterdam. We are very grateful for their contributions.

I hope that our conference has contributed to ongoing and new international collaborations and development of the care for persons with a childhood onset disability and we thank all participants for attending the conference.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Prof .dr. Jules Becher
President of the 29th EACD Conference 2017 “Steps into the future”

Next year:
30th EACD Conference 2018, May 28 – 31, 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia