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Chairs: Jaap Harlaar (Amsterdam, NL) and Rick Lieber (Chicago, USA)
Contributors: Rick Lieber (Chicago, USA), Sudarshan Dayanidhi (Chicago, USA), Richard Jaspers, Huub Maas (Amsterdam, NL), 
Lee Barber (Brisbane, AUS), Adam Shortland (London, UK), Lynn Baron, Kaat Desloovere (Leuven, BE), Jacob Lorentzen (Copenhagen, DK)

Children with Cerebral Palsy do have problems in performing every day motor tasks. This is primary due to their pathological motor control, but also the function of the muscle itself is impaired. This concerns structural tissue changes in the muscle, as well as (related) changes in performance of the neuromuscular unit. In this symposium various international research groups will present on what is known about origin of these changes and how they can be measured in individual subjects. This includes cellular mechanisms, role of the extracellular matrix, muscle imaging using ultrasound, as well as measurement methods that aim to distinguish stiffness from spasticity. Moreover it will be discussed what these changes mean for functional performance (e.g. gait) of the children and how to potentially use them in therapeutic strategies that aim to improve functional performance activities.


  • Rick Lieber: Biomechanical and Structural Changes in Muscle Tissue from Children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Sudarshan Dayanidhi: The role of Muscle Stem Cells in Human Muscle Contractures and animal contracture Models

  • Richard Jaspers and Huub Maas: Range of Motion and Muscle Morphology in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy

  • Lee Barber: Muscle Growth in Children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Adam Shortland: Muscle –Tendon Interaction in Children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Lynn Bar-On and Kaat Desloovere: Spasticity Patterns and Behaviour of the Muscle-Tendon Unit during Stretch in Children with Cerebral Palsy

  • Jacob Lorentzen: Prevention and Treatment of Muscle Contractures in Children with Cerebral Palsy